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January 21st, 2019

African hunting is considered the most exciting and rewarding of all hunting, and rightly so. It is a Continent blessed with the richest variety of game, ranging from the smallest of antelope to the biggest and toughest of them all, the Cape Buffalo, Rhino and African Elephant.

It is a land of tropical jungles, deserts, wide-open plains, snowcapped mountains and the wonderful African bushveld. This is home to the greatest variety of game animals in the world. It is here where every hunter longs to be, matching his skills against those of his quarry… be it the elusive little Suni or a frightfully, trumpeting Elephant. It is here where you will hear the bark of a Bushbuck as the coughing Leopard stalks closer…

The style of hunting can be as varied as the land itself, from the most luxurious camps to traditional, East African Tented camps. From well-equipped four-wheel drive vehicles to long, tiresome marches.

This is the land of far horizons, of endless plains teeming with game. This is the land all hunters dream about and long for…

…this is Africa

Mata Mata Hunting Lodge

Harry Claassens Safaris make use of a variety of camp styles. In general the camps are all very comfortable and well-equipped, making it also ideal for families. In the more remote areas, the camps mainly consist of the “Traditional East African Tented Camp” with all the basic luxuries to make your stay as pleasant as possible.