rates and trophy fees

November 14th, 2009

Fees for the 2018 Hunting Season and all prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Daily Rates:

1 (One) Hunter/Client & 1 Professional Hunter – $400/Day/Hunter
2 (Two) Hunters/Clients & 1 Professional Hunter – $300/Day/Hunter

Non-Hunters/Observers – $175/Day/Person

Included in the Daily Rate:

  • Services of a Licensed Professional Hunter, Tracker/s, Skinner/s, Camp Personnel, Hunting Vehicle and Field Transportation.
  • Accommodation within the Hunting Areas for the duration of your stay. Please note that all traveling during your Safari, example from one area to another, will be considered as a “Hunting Day” even though you may not actually hunt that day.
  • All meals, beverages and soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages will be served in moderation and if it is exceeded beyond reasonable limit/s, then you, the client, will be held responsible for additional costs incurred as a result.
  • Daily laundry service.
  • Field Preparation of Trophies.
  • License Fees (wherever applicable).
  • Transportation of your Trophies to a Taxidermist. (See Additional Information)
  • Value Added Tax on the daily rate, currently at 14%.

Not Included in the Daily Rate:

  • Trophy Fees of all animals killed or confirmed wounded and lost, i.e. all animals must be paid for, even if not found after it was confirmed wounded.
  • Accommodation before and after the contracted hunting period, example if you have to stay over in a Hotel before or after your hunt.
  • Dipping, packing and shipping of your Trophies to their final destination.
  • Commercial and Air-Charter flights between Hunting Areas.
  • Medical Expenses ( Please have your own Medical & Personal Insurance )
  • Gratuities to Staff.
  • Rifle Hire @ $ 25/Day, including ammunition.
  • Pick-up and Return to/from International Airport at $ 250/Person.
  • Birdshooting at $ 100/Day/Hunter (Daily Bag-limits will apply, depending on species)

trophy fees

Trophy Fees for the 2018 Hunting Season in US Dollars:

Baboon 50 Black Wildebeest 950
Blesbuck 400 Blesbuck (White) 500
Blue Wildebeest 950 Bushbuck 500
Bush Pig 500 Duiker Blue 750
Duiker Grey 400 Duiker Red 750
Eland 1950 Gemsbuck 1200
Hartebeest 950 Impala 400
Jackal 50 Klipspringer 750
Kudu 1950 Mountain Reedbuck 500
Nyala 2950 Oribi 750
Springbuck (Common) 400 Small Cats (Lynx, Cerval) 400
Springbuck (White) 750 Steenbuck 400
Springbuck (Black) 750 Warthog 400
Southern Reedbuck 750 Waterbuck 1950
Vaal Rhebuck 750 Zebra 1200
Sable 6500 Buffalo 13500

Other Species and African Locations / Destinations on application with the relevant Trophy Fees.

Note : A list of references is available on request – This is done to ensure the privacy of our clients